About Me

This is going to be my formal introduction. I don't want to be cheezy, but there's not much new stuff I can come up with to make this original. This is sad because one of my majors in college was Creative Writing, yet I lack creativity.
Anyway, my name is Mariya, which is pronounced Maria, NOT Mariah. At this time I am 22 years old. I'm a Gemini and loving it. I also love being petite--4'11'' tall and under 100lbs. Of course that causes a lot of trouble when I shop for clothes, but luckily my mother is a professional tailor and can make the impossible happen.
My hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, reading about cooking, shopping and stalking MUSE on Twitter. Oh yeah, MUSE is pretty much my most favorite band ever. Matthew Bellamy is a musical god. It's a fact, not an opinion.

Now a little about this blog. It started off as a creative outlet of sorts (and a project for my news-writing class). Being unemployed sucks. Being unemployed with nothing to do sucks even more. Being so bored all the time, I began leafing through random blogs. Then I stumbled upon some interesting blogs of the culinary variety. So I bookmarked a few and read them daily, salivating in the process.

Then I learned of a man named Alton Brown. I don't have Food Network, but a friend does, so I made that discovery at her place. I found a YouTube channel dedicated to his show "Good Eats," and thus began my obsession with all things food. I might have become obsessed with AB in the process.

As the tittle of this blog suggests, I have a really tiny kitchen. I have very little storage space, so I don't have a lot of tools necessary for cooking. I don't even have enough space for the process of food preparation; you know, line up your ingredients, have some elbow room to mix those ingredients or maybe throw them in a food processor, which I don't have because of lack of space. 

So this blog is about me finding my way through the culinary universe, while having meltdowns because I have to use a handheld mixer and nesting bowls for making cookies, whose batter then ends up all over my kitchen's walls. See, I'm so distressed, I write in run-on sentences.

I like feedback. My favorite college courses were writing workshops because of all the feedback.  So feel free to make suggestions on just about anything.

And here's a half-assed...well half-faced picture of me. Yes, that's an engagement right on my middle finger. Did I mention that I'm petite?
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