Friday, August 27, 2010


After 2 days of high fever, severe headaches, aching body and a kidney that hurt like a bitch, I couldn't take it anymore and went to the E.R. I could have went to one of the good hospitals, but the lines there are always so long, that they will let you die before they take you in. So I decided to go the one with shorter lines and the one I'm already familiar with since I've already been there 4 years ago.

Wrong move.

When my name was finally called, I had to answer some basic questions. One of the questions was "what did you take for your symptoms?" I said theraflu, because that stuff is pretty flippin' awesome. The nurse goes, "Who gave you Theraflu?" I said my mom did. Then she goes, "Well, is she a doctor?" Really? It's not like she gave me morphine or vicodin. I tell her no, but it helped me bring down my fever from 103 to 98.  She then proceeds to tell me that I should have taken Tylenol, and to know better next time.


They take my vitals, put me in a chair and start trying to find my veins. Well ok, this is kind of my fault because I haven't eaten in two days and barely drank anything. Took them about five tries to find one for the IV, and about the same amount to draw blood.

Fast-forward about 5 hours. The doctor comes up to me and says they think I need to be admitted. They want to do a CAT Scan and a sonogram on my kidney. It looks like I might have a stone in there that got infected. So I tell him that I actually did a sonogram a couple of weeks ago and my kidneys are clean. And by the way, last time I was here you guys misdiagnosed me. I was told that my ovaries were inflamed, but it turned out that I had kidney stones. He asks how did I know it was the kidneys, and I tell him that the next day I went to my MD, who ordered an ultrasound and was right on the money. So I'm not staying, I'll take your reports and go see my MD tomorrow. He got very upset but discharged me anyway.

So I went to my doctor today, who laughed at the "infected kidney stone" comment, and gave me a real diagnosis just based on the blood/urine test results.

Moral of the story: a PhD is not a guarantee of anything.

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