Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Real Estate Woes

We finally found a place that we actually like! But it is still so tiny--only 600sqft, including 2 terraces. So the living area is around 580sqft. Really small. But it has so much light, the ceilings are pretty high and the master bedroom is not as small as my current bedroom, which is actually a small dining room. And even though the price is lower than everything we've seen so far, it seems high for such a small space.

We'll be making an offer, and I already mentioned what it'll be to our agent, but even that seems high to me. She said that compared to everything else in the area, this is quite decent, but she's getting her commission out of it. I don't want to lowball anyone, but I also don't want to overpay.

Our investor, fiance's mom, wants to see the condo before making an offer. I think I'll let her handle the haggling from then on.

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