Monday, November 15, 2010

They've done it again!

There are not nearly enough F-bombs in the world to express my state of mind right now. As I've said here, idiots who work at Medicaid office kept asking for paperwork, which I gave to them. Well I went there again last Monday and brought in all of my paperwork again--everything they've asked for.  Today I called to check on the status and they're telling me my claim had been rejected yet again because of fuckin' missing information!!!


And of course they're fuckin' impossible to reach by phone. And of course I have to go there for this shit again and wait in line for at least an hour. And of course they'll fuck it up again. Because why work when the union can protect their asses from being fired, right?

Fuck them all and I hope they fuckin' burn in hell.

P.S.: Of course, by the laws of universe, my kidney began hurting like hell today. 

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