Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzard And Its Aftermath

We were promised a blizzard on Sunday, and we got it. I'm a non-believer when it comes to weather forecast about snow because to me, sometimes the news tends to over-exaggerate things. Well this time it was for real. So real, that I had to spend two nights at my boyfriend's house because nobody could get in or out their garages, or even drive on the roads. It's Tuesday now, and there is still a lot of snow, and people are still getting stuck. I just watched six people helping a cop car get out of snow.

Our dear mayor said that this morning the last of snow would be cleaned off the roads, but that didn't happen. He apparently issued an appology on-line and said tomorrow it'll be done for sure, but who knows. I really hope that it's true because I've got some shopping to do. New Year's Eve is only a couple of days away and my fridge is empty!

Let's hope when the plow trucks get here, nothing of this sort will happen:

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