Monday, December 13, 2010

My Dessert Fail

So sad.

I've been meaning to make this dessert for about a month since I found a recipe. I had all of the ingredients but one, dulce-de-leche. I live in New York, I thought, this is gong to be easy to find. Fat chance! I've been to a few Mexican groceries, a couple of big markets, and checked on-line. Brooklyn turned out to be dulce-de-leche-less. Of course I could just boil a can of sweetened condensed milk, but I wanted the real thing for my first time. 'Cause as you know, first time should be special.

Last weekend my mom and I decided to go to Union Square for some shopping. That location was my idea mainly because of the glorious Whole Foods right in the middle of it. I was sure to find some caramely goodness there. And I did. One lonely bottle. Seriously. Among a bunch of cans and bottles of peanut butter of all brands and textures, there was only one bottle of only one brand of this sweet, foreign mass. I obviously grabbed it and made a run for it (to the register, mind you).

So Saturday, equipped with everything I could possibly need, I began working on Dulce-de-Leche Cheesecake Squares. I wanted to cut the recipe in half because even though sweets are awesome, too much of them means a painful kidney for me.

First layer was a breeze, even without having a food processor (which I need, but have no space for in this 10'x6' kitchen). I kept the proportions of the original recipe because I like thick crust. However, I could not find a proper-sized dish to bake it in, and had to stick it in the smallest one I had, which turned out to be a round baking 10'' pan. So that layer came out thin as intended by the original recipe, which was my first fail with this.

Then there was a layer of caramel, which was obviously the easiest part. Nothing wrong there.

The cheesecake part was halved as I wanted. But because the whole thing was in the original size, cheesecake spread too thin. Fail #2.

The whole thing spent a day in the fridge and yesterday was time for the final part--the glaze. The recipe calls for bitter-sweet chocolate. I had semi-sweet and thought it would be ok. I also forgot to halve the recipe. So Fail #3 consist of a thick, way-too-sweet layer of chocolate. Cheesecake should have been this thick, but it's the thinnest layer of all.

So this is my story of three fails of holiday dessert. They're totally edible and delicious, but disgustingly sweet. Even my brother won't eat them.
I'm definitely going to try this recipe again, but not before I have some normal-sized baking pans, proper type of chocolate, and maybe a better memory.


  1. i want i want!!! you got to share Woman!

  2. u going to mail it to me? lets say i'm your anonymous reader/fan....

  3. Leo?
    Unable to mail due to them being completely devoured by my mom's co-workers.

  4. why would u give it away to ur moms CO-workers??? you have a fan!!! send it to him!!


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