Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Presents Came!

 AF's Secret Santa was amazing this year. I had an awesome person to shop for--one of my favorite mods. And today I got a gift from my SS--another awesome mod. She went above and beyond and got me just about everything off of my wishlist and more. Thank you, Charla <3

Warm flannel PJs with cats!
Sigg bottle since a beautiful design. I really need this so I could make myself drink more and get rid of that nastiness in my kidneys
Measuring cups
Big bamboo brush and Philosophy wash/shampoo

Make-up pouch with polishes inside!

Measuring spoons

Candy! And there's some saltwater taffy from SanFran. Yum!
The good kind of Dulce de Leche and purple earplugs.

Group shot
 And kitty causing mayhem with wrapping paper

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