Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween fun=)

Guess what tomorrow is!
That’s right!


Halloween is always tons of fun. It’s not just for kids, but grown-ups too, although, adults have a slightly different way of celebrating it. Their candy is soaked with alcohol and a good portion of their costumes look like strippers’ everyday clothes.

Anyhow, for my first post I decided to find something thematic. After about half an hour of research, I concluded that had the best features.

What is this website about? Well, Halloween, of course! More specifically, it’s a virtual Jack-o-lantern maker. You get to “carve” a pumpkin in any way you like, light it up, and then send it as a greeting card to your friends!

Here’s how it works:

You have a choice of two carving tools: a “free-hand” tool and a “straight line” tool. With a free-hand tool, your carving knife moves with your mouse, creating a curvy, wavy, whatever-you-were-trying-to-make type of cut. With a straight line tool you have less freedom, but more accuracy, if you’re looking to make…well, a straight line.

When you’re done, light you pumpkin up by clicking on that little button on the right, and then click “done.” Now, you have a choice of three different backgrounds for the pumpkin, which you can access by clicking “change image.” you can also personalize it with a message by clicking “change message.” Click “preview” to look at your final product, and if you’re happy with it, click on “DONE!” You will get a link to your creation, which you can share with your friends. You can proceed to the next step by clicking “OK” to e-mail this pumpkin to your friends.

I hope you will have as much fun with this as I did. You can also create your own e-cards with the same principle for Christmas and Valentines Day. These are located here

This is something I made for you!

Have fun!

P.S.: Here's a statement from the website, that I just noticed: "10% of advertising income goes to The Salvation Army." That's pretty cool!

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