Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Dead Cookie Day!

I'm not sure if "happy" and "dead" should be used in the same sentence, but according to it is indeed a holiday, and holidays are supposedly happy days. This day comes from All Soul's Day, which is also celebrated on the 2nd of November. All Soul's Day "is spent remembering and praying for the souls of people who are in Purgatory" as reports. People in the 10th century sure were freaky, and this holiday is pretty believable. However, Day of the Dead Cookies is another story. By doing a 5-second Google search, it was confirmed, that the holiday exists. Website gives a background of it and some “dead cookie” recipes.

Anyway, I seem to have swayed from the topic. The star of this post is and the rest of the post will be dedicated to it. The name of the website is pretty self-explanatory, although they do seem to skip some days. What you get there is very short descriptions of holidays from different cultures on a given day. Many of those holidays are probably not recognized by many people, let alone governments, but they are important in one way or another because of historical, cultural, or any other type of impact. Many of them are also entertaining, especially for kids. For adults it could serve as an excuse-maker for coming to work late because of heavy drinking last night, or pigging out to food excluded from your diet. If neither of these work for you, then it’s just useless information that is interesting to know. Like if you’re into Finnish and/or Swedish chicks, you can impress them by singing ModersmÃ¥lets sÃ¥ng on the 6th of November. Maybe they’ll fall for that, who knows, although you’ll probably need to learn the language first, or pronunciations at least.

Ok, I think I talk too much. I’ll stop now. But before I go, here’s another similar website for you to check out This one has more holidays, but no info about them at all.

Enjoy, and Happy (insert holiday here)!

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