Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let it snow!

We are one month away from Christmas and it seems like the weather has been getting colder day by day. The best part about winter (other than holidays) is that white stuff that falls from the sky in intricate and unique designs. Who doesn’t like snowflakes? Remember spending hours cutting out little pieces from a folded white paper with your friends when you were little? Then you would unfold it with great anticipation and be amazed by the results each time. Wasn’t it fun?

Well now we are all grown up and don’t have the time for this stuff. However, there’s a website, which makes it easier, faster and more meaningful than ever. is the place for it. The main page features a layout based of the time of day you’re viewing it with snow falling 24/7. When you roll your mouse over any flake, it will open up a little window with the flake itself and a message written by the maker of the flake.

To make one of your own, click on “create your own snowflake” and, when the paper is done “folding” use your mouse to “cut the paper.” The results will be appearing in the left side instantly. When you finish creating your masterpiece, just click on “done.” Leaving your info and a message is not required. After you submit the flake, wait for 2 seconds for it to fall from the “sky.” It will have a little green arrow pointing to it. You can also search for snowflakes by their number. For example, click on Find-a-Flake in the bottom left-hand corner, and insert #4,983,383 =)

Usually, around this time, the website organizes different types of charities to help the less fortunate kids, who cannot have a happy Christmas. Maybe they will do something different this year. In any case, I think this is a great website for any one. It’s fun, creative (some of those flakes could be considered to be artwork!), and you can always cheer someone up with a pretty snowflake and a cute message attached to it.

Also, check out for helpful tips on how to turn your snowflakes into art!

Have fun!

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