Monday, October 25, 2010

Citizen Erased

I just got back from Newark, NJ. Why the hell would I go there, you ask? Because MUSE was kicking ass at Prudential Center tonight. The show was all sorts of awesome. The New York show they did at the MSG in March was actually better because there was just so much more energy. The crowd seemed to know the band better as well. But where they lacked in energy, Muse made up in the set list. They played Citizen Erased!!! Once again, they played the amazing Citizen Erased. I nearly fainted right there, but quickly came to my senses and started recording it. My brother, cousin and her friend all had their cams too, so there will be pictures and videos galore. We also had much closer seats this time around, so most of my pictures are not a complete fail like last time.

I will be uploading the goods later on this week. For now, enjoy a professional photo of my musical heroes.

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