Saturday, October 2, 2010

Learning to bake

I always thought that I was a great baker. I remembered baking cookies, cakes and pies that everyone loved when I was only a tween. Since I have nothing to do as of late, I decided to bake some cookies and pies. I don't know what happened but everything came out like crap. Naturally, I blamed a faulty recipe, old flour and stupid cat throwing me off while measuring sugar. When I was out of excuses I had to dig deeper in my memory of my signature muffins. Turns out it was my mom who was making all that delicious stuff, and I was helping, a.k.a. licking batter off kitchen utensils.

I wanted to quit trying and stick to buying. But then I stumbled upon an interesting blog by a woman named Megan who bakes almost every day and posts about it. I'm not much into food blogs but hers is different. She writes about her daily life, her kids and then the recipes. And every post is furnished with a mouth-watering picture.

I've been perusing her archives in hopes of finding something easy enough for a n00b like me, and something that didn't require me to go to Whole Foods for a special spice from a Brazilian village. Today I found it--Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Choco-cinnamon swirl. I didn't have vanilla (because I hate it), so I used honey instead, which is why it's a bit brownish. I also hate crumbs, so I used the leftover sugar-choco-cinnamon concoction for the topping.

Voila! Not the best looker, but a great taster :)

Yay me!

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