Monday, October 4, 2010

Rain, the heartbreaker

Fall has befallen.
Do Not Want.
Rain, cold and melancholy.

It also seems that out biggest fights happen during this time of year.
Like the one we're having right now.

We just celebrated--and I use this term oh so very loosely--our 6th anniversary. It was on September 22. That weekend we were supposed to go out. He worked all day Saturday and then got sick on Sunday.
Fine. We'll make up for it next weekend.
Well it just passed. I made cookies and saw a friend. He was working 24/7, almost literally; off by a couple of hours.
And then he's mad that I'm mad.
And there's madness all around.
And I can't take it anymore.

I blame the rain, of course. When the skies are clear and sunny, we will love again.

We spoke. We kissed. I got an iPad for my trouble=)

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