Monday, October 4, 2010

OPI Leaf Him At The Altar

Why not do some nail polish reviews?
This is barely a review though; mostly a short opinion.
I really like OPI polishes. What I like most about their is their awesome applicator brushes. However, Sephora  by OPI is very lacking in that department. Their brushes are very thin and barely cover half the nail at a time. This is why I only own maybe five colors from this line.
Leaf Him at the Altar was am impulse buy. I wanted something green, and this line had just come out, so I had to buy it. It's a shimmery light green color, almost the color of young grass. It's very sheer. I put on two coats, and it's still somewhat see-through. I think I'll mostly use it on my toes because it doesn't really match anything green in my wardrobe.

No Flash

With Flash--better representation of the color.

 Streaky and sheer.

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