Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quick check-in

Hi, guys.

I'm still busy with all the crap that's been happening around here lately. I just wanted to stop by and talk briefly about two things.

1) Japan needs our help! The news don't stop, and the updates are not looking good. It's been over a week since the earthquake and the tsunami, but the destruction is continuing. The whole thing with the nuclear power plants is extremely dangerous and frightening.
Please donate whatever you possibly can to help. There are a few ways to do it. If you want to send money, Red Cross is the best way to do it at Many companies match their employees' donation, so check with your firm. Also, if you're a Chase card holder, you can donate with your reward points. Other banks might be doing that as well; I know about Chase's program because I bank with them. Red Cross is also taking clothing, soap and other necessities as donations. If you can't contribute financially, this is a great way to help as well.

2) And on a less serious note, since I haven't been posting any pictures of food lately, here's a saliva-inducing website, in case you haven't heard about it before--Food Porn Daily. Enjoy.

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