Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And again

Still nothing to report. Still living "out of a box," so to say. Pest control is coming back on the 7th of April, and after that there will be some wall paining and something else. So all in all, I probably won't be cooking/baking anything major for the next 2 weeks. Maybe some chocolate chip cookies, since I've been craving them a lot lately.
But I can't really have chocolate.
But I want to.
But I shouldnt.
Ah, these dilemmas I must face. Woe be me.

In better news, I'm finally starting to get some responses from the places I've been applying to. Yesterday I got a call from Warner Bros. in regards to my application for the position of an Executive Assistant. Hoping for an interview. Also got e-mails from two marketing/PR firms asking for my writing samples. Hopefully they're good enough to score me interviews. Keep your fingers crossed.


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