Monday, October 11, 2010

LORAC Box Office: Sensation Train Case

LORAC released a train case with a bunch of pretty shadows (full size), lip colors and blushes. I decided to buy it as a gift for my cousin who loves this brand, but can't buy it because it's not sold in Russia. So because it's a present, I won't be swatching it. I'm not even reviewing it; I just don't know enough about make up to do that. I'll just post pictures of what's inside and you decide if you like enough to buy. Priced at $56, it's was rather reasonable and affordable. You can also wait until Sephora's Friends & Family sale, which should be happening at the end of this month.
In the box:
36 Eye Shadows
9 Lip Glosses
1 Bronzer

All pictures were taken with a flash (except for the box)

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