Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Table 2010

I'm happy to say that my Thanksgiving dinner turned out great. I made everything all by myself (minus the pie), it tasted good and no one got food poisoning. I have pictures below, but they kind of suck because they were taken with my boyfriend's phone, which makes everything yellow when the light is not direct or natural.

I made:
"Outside" stuffing from this recipe
Avocado and olives salad
Russian Olivie salad
Spinach and onion quick bread from here
Deviled eggs
Mashed potatoes with cream cheese
Alton Brown's cranberry sauce
and Alton Brown's Turkey recipe that I followed to a T from this video. Watch all four parts.


Bird's-eye-view before the bird (see what I did there?)
 Deviled Eggs
 Avocado & olives salad

 The queen of the table just arrived

 Spinach & onion quick bread

 A bottle of wine we got in Canada. I need more <3

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