Friday, December 3, 2010

Gifts Galore!

Christmas is almost here. Hanukkah is already here. New Year is less than a month away. I love December purely for the holidays. And what do [most] holidays mean? Presents! Gift-giving is my favorite hobby. A lot of times I get little just-because gifts for my boyfriend or family because it makes me happy.

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, and we celebrate Hanukkah only half-assed. But New Year...that's a totally different story. Where I come from (Russia), this is the biggest holiday of the year. So big, that we celebrate it twice--December 31st-January 1st, and then on January 13th-14th. It's called the "Old New Year" because that's when the year begins based on the Julian Calendar, which is used in Russian Churches still.  If you're interested, you can read more about it on Wikipedia.

Anyway, since New Year is so big, that's when we exchange gifts. This year was a bit hard in the gift department for me. Usually I'm pretty good at picking out stuff my recipients will love. This time, however, I had the most difficult time with my fiance's gift. I gave up and went with the most cliched one plus a couple of smaller things he'd appreciate. For the rest of my family it was actually much easier than usual. My mom's getting a Juicy tracksuit. My dad will finally have a car vacuum. For my brother, a couple of things to compliment his birthday gift, a Yamaha keyboard. Fiance's best friend, who is also my friend, is getting a book on Huskies because he just got a Husky puppy. My Secret Santa recipient is getting something cool too. I can't post it here because s/he might be reading this.

Also, this will sound kind of nuts, but I got gifts for the guys from MUSE. I know I won't be able to see them for a while now since their US tour is over, but I'm hoping to find an address or something. I got funny socks for Matt who is obsessed with socks, a bottle-opener T-shirt for Chris, a beer aficionado, and a wine caddy in shape of a drummer for Dom the drummer. I will also get a Darwin figurine or something related to Darwin for Tom Kirk because of his acceptance speech at the AMAs this year. Yeah, I'm definitely crazy.

What are you getting for your family and friends?

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